the baby and the credit machine

The other day, a woman with a baby came through my checkout line. When she was paying, the baby was fascinated by the credit card machine -- staring at it with huge, awed, focused eyes, as if it was the mot fascinating thing she had ever seen. She wanted to push the buttons, hold the... Continue Reading →

Red Rebel Brigade

I draped the red cloth, covering my whole body, and painted my face white. We set our intentions, then exited the church, walking slowly down the street to the Capitol. I felt anonymous, impervious to the stares and words of passersby. I felt like the heart of the Earth looking upon this strange world of... Continue Reading →

nothing important or brave

Full moon on the eve of my birthday. I linger outside for a while, breathing, watching her, thinking about my life. Mystified by events, but so grateful for the world, the Earth. As I move into this new year, for a moment let me focus on the beauty. Let me not try to be anything... Continue Reading →

the gift

Words to live by. Even if I were to fail at everything else I try and do in this life, I must at least succeed at this. I must remember to save time every day to let myself feel that fullness in my heart. I must not let myself be too busy trying to do... Continue Reading →

on action, and acceptance

I am often overwhelmed with sadness regarding the climate crisis, in a way that can feel like despair. I increasingly don't know how to deal with it -- action is helping some, talking about it helps some, meditating on it maybe is the best. I am surprised by how little I write about it, compared... Continue Reading →

the Earth is listening

The half moon in a clear sky bathes the field in silvery light. Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly, she says -- be in this moment as completely as you can, and write it down in your heart. I turn slightly, and she shows me my little house, windows glowing, framed by tall trees and stars... Continue Reading →

lessons from India (1)

We walked up the long stair from the monastery, making our way to our favorite breakfast spot. It was still early so there weren't that many people in the streets. Suddenly, S made a distressed sound at something he saw. I asked what was the matter and he said, "That dog." I looked down the... Continue Reading →

Earth sadhana

I am focusing on deepening my connection with the Earth -- returning my consciousness time and again to Her as the Goddess, and the Keeper of Love and Wisdom. Feeling grounded into her is my aim in sadhana. As much as I am able, I want to be aligned with her rhythms and attuned to... Continue Reading →

the time we are given

This is the life I was given. This is the time on Earth I am given -- it is my job to be here now on this land, among these trees; to be here now, witnessing. I must not let what is happening to the Earth steal the power of her beauty from my heart... Continue Reading →

We are living this nightmare. We have been, for longer than my lifetime -- but now, finally, we are beginning truly to be unable to hide from what we are doing. Yet we keep doing it. At the highest levels, the places where the most drastic action needs to be taken, people are hardly even... Continue Reading →

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