sitting on the hill today
I felt like this is my life now — walking, eating, sleeping, and
mountains. it is difficult to imagine that this will end;
I will eventually be down on earth again
and wandering through nature for weeks will be a memory.
today on the hillside, I let myself disappear.
I wasn’t consciously grateful then, but I know that
that nothingness
was the best thanks I could possibly offer.
I wonder what it would be like to sit in that spot for days,
letting it all go over and over again.
I have never found emptiness
with such ease as I found it today, even though
I hardly had that purpose. something about this place
just makes letting go of your youness so natural —
it just happens, like breaths or heartbeats or daydreams.
here, all things just go.
the wind takes them
the mountains take them, and
you are swallowed by the world
as you were meant to be.


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