truth and laundry

I enjoyed doing the cafe laundry yesterday, watching the cloth and soapy water churn in the machine. Even that seemed to contain all of the life, beauty and mystery of the universe. I suppose that’s because it does! We spend so much of our lives under the wrong impression — the impression that wonder is elsewhere, truth is elsewhere, peace is elsewhere, spirit is elsewhere. There is this idea that we have to do something special or particular in order to find these things, when in reality, they are simply the nature of existence to begin with. The seeking is futile. If we fail to see the perfection that is before us at every moment, we will never find it by looking somewhere else, either. Our difficulty is that we have this belief that the truth is supposed to be profound, so we spend so much effort and so much time waiting to come across such a thing. Seeking meaning, wisdom, a sign. Hoping to find some secret in the world, or something in ourselves that is holier than the fact of our humanity. Some realization or piece of knowledge that will suddenly make everything extraordinary. What we really need to do, though, is stop all efforts that involve a longing for something different. We must slow down and open our eyes as if we are seeing the world for the first time. When we truly approach all moments with that openness, and behold everything for exactly what it is, including ourselves, we find that there is nothing greater to seek. Spirituality is not esoteric or glamorous — it is the washing machine. The truth is not elusive, it is available and unwavering. We are awash in it constantly. When we realize that there is no work to do, the work is done.


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