truth and laundry

I enjoyed doing the cafe laundry yesterday, watching the cloth and soapy water churn in the machine. Even that seemed to contain all of the life, beauty and mystery of the universe. I suppose that's because it does! We spend so much of our lives under the wrong impression -- the impression that wonder is... Continue Reading →

no point

swinging on the swings today negative space world breathing in and out weight and weightlessness, repeating everything is its own point

in Sequoia

the sun is rising on the tall treetops and a little bit on the boulders, making them glow. the rocky bottom of the clear stream melts into ethereal, upside-down images of the green and golden world as we all sit together quietly, brightening slowly into daylight. the trees are reflecting in the water and the water is... Continue Reading →

early thoughts on volunteering

afternoon silence. I begin the familiar rhythm of washing dishes. dipping the green rag sponge into the blue soap, my thoughts turn to pondering what my role here is. what is the volunteer work I am doing right now? when I help cook the meals? when I comb a friend's hair? and when I sit... Continue Reading →

green places in the mountains

The forest is alive. Sometimes, we pass though breathing thickets that are the most brilliantly green places I have ever seen. They glow green. The breathe with the wind and the rain and the hundreds of waterfalls and drips and trickles that flow through them like blood to join the wild artery of the river... Continue Reading →

a monastery in the Himalaya

After lunch we went to visit the monastery up on the hilltop. As the path ascended, the lines of prayer flags increased -- long strands of white, red, blue, green, yellow, sweeping across the sky when I looked up, and across the rolling fields and clouds in the valley of Lho when I looked down.... Continue Reading →


just now I swam in the ocean as the Earth turned to meet the sun again. my body floated with the gentle swells, beams of light streaming through the cloud creatures above the water and the last of the moonlight alive in my hair. with the wind blowing steadily through my mind, I thought about how... Continue Reading →


The other day my curiosity got the better of me, but only confirmed what I already knew. No more zoos of any kind, even insect zoos. The insectarium was very interesting and there were lots of beautiful butterflies, moths, and others, but it is not worth it and absolutely not justifiable. Thousands of animals in... Continue Reading →

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